JSW Energy shortlists Suzlon’s S128 turbine for its 970 MW SECI tender.

JSW energy forayed it’s entry into the wind energy by winning the SECI’s 970MW tender recently concluded bidding for wind energy.

JSW Energy currently has a power generation capacity of 4,559 MW comprising 3,158 MW thermal, 1,391 MW hydel and 10 MW of solar power plants.

This is the company’s first major wind project and the company aims to reach 10,000 MW capacity in the next three-five years, which will be done mainly through renewables addition.

According to sources, JSW has been awarded the wind project against its quote of Rs 3 per unit which it plans to achieve through Suzlon’s latest S128 turbine generator, which is designed keeping in mind the falling tariffs in the Indian renewable space.

The S128 wind turbine generator is the latest addition to Suzlon’s product portfolio and features the Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) technology as per the company.

It also consists of the country’s largest rotor blade measuring 63 meters and has a rotor diameter of 128 meters. The SB 63 blade has developed by Suzlon utilizing carbon fibre that provides the capability to utilize thinner aerodynamic profiles and provides excellent performance at low wind sites.

It also has 33% more swept area and deliver a massive increase in energy and greatly improve the power generation efficiency and returns over the project lifecycle.

With the country’s recent ambition of Atmanirbhar and the tariffs on imports coming even on wind turbine parts, sources within the company say they will mostly likely go ahead with Indian OEM with maximum localisation.

Both the companies spokesperson didn’t respond to a detailed questionnaire sent for response.




All the news and current affairs about the roaring renewable energy market in India.

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All the news and current affairs about the roaring renewable energy market in India.

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